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That’s the mantra that drives me everyday.

Having spent 20 years in marketing and media , and armed with a wealth of experience in traditional advertising, brand and digital marketing, I came to realise that scaling the corporate ladder is no longer something that interests me. I decided to give up my last role as Chief Marketing Officer to pursue things that really interests me – real estate and fitness.
My path into the real estate industry arose out of my love for stylish home interior and spotting real estate gems in the market. Many friends have often commented that I have a gift for real estate and should pursue it professionally. At that moment, I wasn’t totally convince myself but since I have personally profited from my previous properties, and was featured in interior magazines like Square Room, Home & Décor and the The Straits Times for my interior, I thought, “Why not?”. And the rest was history.
Never a fan of high pressure sales tactics, or template solutions, I believe that real estate advisory is not a one-size fits-all. Every client has his/her own unique needs and financial status, and my role as a realtor is to tailor a custom strategy to help them achieve their goals – be it a dream home or a property for investment.
I like to be honest and candid with all my clients, and would only recommend properties I feel is a good investment and matches my clients’ needs .  To me, real estate business is not only about making that one single sale with a client.  I like to assure that my clients are enjoying their properties, and I am always there along the way to help them with anything from design/renovation to monitoring their property value when it is time to make a profit from it.

Long term property investment is not buying 1 property and wait.  It requires a careful timing – entry, exit and re-entry strategy over 5, 10 years or longer to ensure the asset grows continuously.


I believes in developing great long term relationship with clients built on integrity , trust and a genuine friendship. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. I have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in the FMCGs, fashion and luxury lifestyle industries, during my marketing career with some of the leading international and local magazines like Esquire, August Man, Prestige. Her World and Female – just to name a few.
A firm believer in health and well-being, I like to spend my off-duty hours working out at the gym and freelancing as a certified fitness instructor.  
I was once a fashion fanatic who splurges on designer labels, shoes and bags. While I appreciate a well tailored suit, I would much prefer to put my money into investments like property for capital gains. 
There is nothing more satisfying then to coming back to a place to can call your home. 


Let’s Chat…

If you’re looking for a realtor to help with your property transactional needs, contact me for a friendly chat.

Before making any buying or selling decision, I will take you through the OPPORT(UNITY)™ Analysis – a proven 6-step system to understand your needs,  your current position and then tailor a bespoke strategy to help you achieve your goals.