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Accolades & Awards in 2021

I am very thankful for 12 consecutive months of awards received in 2021.

1 Pegasus, 4 x Gold Awards, 4 x Silver and 3 x 5 Figures achievements. Special thanks for my clients who trust me with their property transactions and all the referrals they have given to me…


What Clients Say…

We are lucky to have William as our realtor to sell our unit which was put up for sale for almost a year, till we met William and he nailed it within a month. For the 1st time we met, it was apparent that William was extremely knowledgeable. He took time to understand our needs and making effort to market our unit well in many ways. He doesn't rush to settle a deal but makes sure we get the best deal even if it takes a several rounds. As such we trust him as he looks our for our best interest. We would highly recommend him to our family and friends knowing they will be in good hands as he is one that delivers and makes the whole selling house process smooth. Thanks Willam!!!
Sabrina Chen and Jack Fung
Condo Seller
William is proactive, warm and reliable. He is always on-the-ball and provided timely updates during the sale. You can always trust him to get things done at any time of the day 😛. Working with him was really great - William understood what an LGBTQ+ couple required, wanted and our concerns and needs etc. I would use him again and again and recommend him for any HDB or any private property transactions.
JK & Ber
Condo Buyers
My partner and I found William thru referrals and mentions from several reputable real estate websites and contacted him to set up a first meetup. We could tell that William had plenty of experience for LGTBQ+ couples. Once we provided him some basic information, William presented us with his OPPORT(UNITY)™ Analysis which really helped to crystalize the choices that were available to us, specifically the ownership and financing choices as LGBTQ+ couples are limited due to the nature of the legal framework for us in Singapore. It also included real examples of properties recommended by William that were within our price range. Throughout the home viewing process, William was patient and always ready and available to set up viewings (made more complicated due to Covid-19 restrictions). William offered sincere and honest advice both about the value of each property and whether we needed to make an offer urgently. Thanks to William's professional services, my partner and I were able to purchase our first home and are now living together happily ever after.
HDB DBSS Buyer, Bedok.
" I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to William who guided me and my partner in the journey of finding our dream home. We truly appreciate the time he spent sharing with us on the knowledge of buying a property since this is our first one. William demonstrated his empathy and resourcefulness by understanding our preferences and provided various options that meet our budget as well. William also went beyond by advising us on different loan choices and the legal process. He also proactively asked for our feedback along the way and continuously tailored for our home finding journey. We will definitely recommend William to anyone who is looking into buying a property in Singapore. Thank you, William!
Chris C. and Simon S.
Condo Buyers

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