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With William, I didn't have to explain why I was in a rush to buy my first property and move out of my family home. Unlike other agents that I've had the misfortune to encounter, he never once pestered me to purchase a new launch or pushed me to spend beyond my means. More so, he helped me to strategise future property investment decisions as a single gay man. Having William, a realtor who deeply understood my unique needs and challenges as a sexual minority person in Singapore, was invaluable. It made the daunting task of buying my first property a fulfilling and empowering experience.
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William Tan, Property Advisor For LGBTQ

The LGBTQ community has unique needs when it comes to property purchase. Getting advise from a LGBTQ-friendly or openly gay realtor will help you discuss such issues comfortably. If you want to start planning for your dream home, feel free to contact me for a non-obligatory chat. I will share different options to help you meet your objectives. Email: williamtanpc@sri.sg ; Mobile: 65-93863406.