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Shophouses Transformed: Preserving Our Heritage

Shophouses were introduced to Singapore in the 19th century by Chinese migrants. See how three owners have restored shophouses in Geylang, Joo Chiat and Keong Saik, transforming them into co-living spaces, a residential home and a boutique hotel.

What Is The Allure Of Black And White Houses? 

Black and white houses were one of the more distinct housing forms during Singapore’s colonial era.  Explore the appeal of black and white houses through three modern interpretations with The Summerhouse, David’s Retreat and Gallop House.

Feels Like Kampong Spirit: Modern Houses Built For Tropical Living 

Long before Singapore become known as an air-conditioned nation, its inhabitants lived in houses that were sensibly built for the tropical climate. Take a look at three contemporary homes — The Sensible House, House at Braddell and Fade to Green — inspired by the traditional kampong house typology to offer a more sustainable way of living with the tropics.

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NEVER TOO SMALL | Micro Apartment Design – The Bae

Architect team Alex Nielsen and Liz Walsh repurposed and upgraded an existing 1970s bed-sit apartment into a sleek yet functional micro-home. With the wall and ceiling wrapped in plywood, insertion of 2 skylights and variation in ceiling height creating a unique vaulted volume. (Source: Never Too Small)

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OPEN DOOR | Inside Tan France’s Handsomely Designed Home​

The warm and gregarious “Queer Eye” star Tan France welcomes us for an intimate peek into his home life. Tan and his husband purchased somewhat of a fixer-upper, redesigning nearly every corner of the home’s interior. (Source: Architectural Digest)
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An HDB flat with mobile furniture for a new look every time

An ongoing series looking at small homes in Singapore that were given big transformations. This week, smart design choices lets a couple play around with their open-plan 732 sq ft home. (Source: CNA)

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35m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Type Street Apartment

Architect Jack Chen subtly altered his 1970’s, 35m2 one bedroom apartment to create an intricately designed space, interchangeable between office and home. (Source: Never Too Small)

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